3-Way ESD Valve (Model 1103)

The Ruelco 3-way ESD manual valve has a simple and compact design. Its high flow rate and pull to open action make it ideal for use in manual ESD systems and other control applications that require fast response time. The supply pressure acting on the unbalanced stem maintains the valve in the closed position. This prevents vibration or small pulling forces from accidentally opening the valve. Once pulled, the valve will stay in the open position until manually closed.

  • 316 stainless steel construction (models to N.A.C.E. MR0175 available).
  • Large Cv factor provides a fast response system.
  • May be used in pneumatic or hydraulic systems.
  • Viton seals are utilized for dependability.
  • Easily repaired without removing valve from panel.
  • Threaded vent port allows for use of a vent screen.
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