FV-1 Fire Safety Valve (Model 2V02)

The Ruelco FV-1 is designed to remove the hydraulic signal to a surface controlled subsurface safety valve in the event of a fire and stop any well fluid returns due to packing leaks in the SSCSV. It can also act as a BOP and provides protection from well fluid returns through the control line during normal operating conditions.

The FV-1’s operation as a fire safety and its operation as a BOP are completely independent of each other. When a fire activates the FV-1, it blocks and bleeds the hydraulic pressure going to the SSCSV, allowing it to close. After a fixed elapsed time, the FV-1 will close off any further returns from the SSCSV. When operating as a BOP, the FV-1 will allow returns from the hydraulic control line for the same elapsed time as if exposed to a fire and then it will block any further flow from the SSCSV, thus minimizing any well fluids from flowing back to the hydraulic control system.

  • Rugged and compact design.
  • B.O.P. function prevents hazards due to SCSSV packing leaks under normal and fire operating conditions.
  • Block and bleed operation closes SCSSV automatically under fire conditions.
  • Metal to metal valve seats.
  • B.O.P. function independent of fire activated operation.
  • Field repairable.
  • Optional fusible lock open device for B.O.P. function available.
  • 183, 210, & 283°F (76, 99, & 139°C) eutectics for fire activation.
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