High/Low Assembly

Ruelco has the ability to pre-assemble and set any combination of products through the use of our in-house testing facilities. We will do our best to meet all of your specifications in order to provide the product necessary to fit your specific operation.

Ruelco has the ability to pre-assemble almost any configuration of products which our customers demand, from our standard pressure switch assembly to a fully operational flow line controller with any combination of regulators and pneumatic relays. These systems can be designed to make installation easier by having to run as little as two pneumatic lines.

Our standard assembly comes with two pressure switches mounted on a 6″, 1/2″ NPT manifold, tubed together using a 1/4″ stainless steel tubing. The pressure switches can be set to customer-specified settings. The manifold also has a 1/4″ NPT port which can be used as a test connection. We also manufacture an 8″ manifold to accommodate our scaled pressure switches. This manifold is also available upon request.

Please consult the factory with your configuration and our sales staff and engineers will do their best to meet your specific needs.

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